Jolly Jesus

“If you know the truth, the truth will make you free.” (John 8:32)

Scriptural texts from the time of Jesus point to his use of the healing cannabis plant, and it was probably used to anoint him as Messiah. Miraculous healing doesn't have to be more complicated than the straightforward, easy-to-grow marijuana plant. But Jesus never had cannabis like the kinds of concentrates that are on the market today. From hazy-eyed stoners to medicating patients, the masses have returned to adore the marijuana plant in a whole new way. Legalization will only bring us closer, but companies like ours are already seeing something that we've been dying to observe for a long time now: the spiritual, almost ritualistic way that citizens are choosing and consuming cannabis, from natural flower to extracts.


Modern rituals, ancient plant

From their choice of a particular flower to their choosing in which coffee or food to pair it with, the modern day "cannaisseur" is exacting in their decisions around which cannabis producers they prefer and how they dose it out. Concentrate producers have listened up and are coming to market with products far superior to all predecessors, and with a mind for discerning cannabis consumer and their personal rituals.


When it comes to using marijuana, nothing quite beats the ritual of setting up a concentrates session with others:

  • Open up a brand new package of concentrate
  • Breathe in the ambrosia-like scent of the terpenes
  • Heat up your nail, getting it to precisely the right temperature
  • Fill up the point of your dab "wand" into the concentrate a pull off just enough—you know your dose
  • Give thanks to the creators of the concentrate
  • Drop in the pieces of extract and enter a heavenly realm of happy, creative, relaxed, bliss


Modern concentrate makers:

Jolly Jesus

Modern concentrate producers use a variety of advanced extraction methods, but all high-end concentrates start with one essential ingredient: high-quality, natural cannabis, harvested at precisely the right moment. Although in the end, the goal is to eliminate all of the plant matter, the medicinal compounds we extract from the resin glands are only as good as the plant material that starts the process. To creators of craft extraction products, each step in the process is as important as the next.

Jolly Jesus is the Golden Standard when it comes to our advanced extraction methods.

Jolly Jesus.

Jolly Jesus is God's honest when it comes to concentrates. Our product uses the essence of cannabis, faithfully extracted to preserve the fidelity of all the active Cannabinoids, scents, and flavors.

Jolly Jesus products:
+ Contain up to 98% total activated THC and other Cannabinoids
+ Come in a variety of flavors
+ Contain only the best quality cannabis flower hash
We offer our customers only the best, prepared and selected to meet a broad range of needs. Pre-order before we open on 4/20!